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Municipal courts in the cities and towns in New Jersey hear a variety of matters.  By far the most common violations heard in municipal courts are motor vehicle violations.  A guilty plea or conviction of many of these violations carries serious consequences, such as fines, costs, loss of driving privileges, and even, in the most extreme cases, jail time.  In addition, drivers face collateral consequences, such as Motor Vehicle Commission points and insurance points, which are often mandatory upon conviction of certain offenses.  On top of that, for drivers with Commercial Driver Licenses, a plea or conviction could mean the loss of livelihood. Municipal courts also hear cases where people face other serious consequences, including substantial fines, probation, and even jail.  A conviction for many of these offenses will result in a criminal record, which will have a negative impact on the ability to obtain a job or certain state licenses and can result in the forfeiture of constitutional rights. 

Municipal courts also hear matters involving fish and game violations.  Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen must comply with dozens of laws and regulations governing their participation in fishing, hunting, and trapping. Every year, State Conservation Officers issue thousands of summonses, often to people entirely unaware that they are violating the fish and game laws or regulations.  Many of these violations carry serious consequences, including substantial fines and even temporary or permanent loss of fishing, hunting, or trapping privileges. 

The Law Offices of Todd Wilson provides affordable and efficient representation to clients facing charges in criminal, motor vehicle, and fish and game cases in the municipal courts throughout New Jersey.  Mr. Wilson has defended individuals and corporate clients in municipal court matters ranging from simple traffic tickets and ordinance violations to drug possession and assault.  Mr. Wilson can provide the aggressive defense necessary to improve your chances to obtain a positive outcome.  While many people are tempted to represent themselves or plead guilty and get it over with, you deserve better.


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